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As most of the office will be digital, there are stricter and stricter requirements to the IT solution you choose. This applies to accounting, bookkeeping, IT security and office applications you use. Do you know whether you have the right IT solution that fits your company and can grow with the company?

With My Workspace you get a complete IT solution. You get online bookkeeping and access to accounting program XL Finance, AVG Antivirus, backup your data with Keepit, Office 365 office suite and PC support. We host and serve your IT solution and ensures that you always have the latest software and everything works.

When you select a complete IT solution from My Workspace, you can avoid spending a lot of resources to keep the system running, and investment in new programs. You will have released a lot of time and money that you can spend on business instead. In short, you just turn on your PC and you are going.

CONTENTS With Options
XL Finance; Access to online accounting program, debtor - creditor and inventory management and financial reports
Accounting for 25 Annex / month (300 per year)  
Acquisition of posting more Annex  
Office 365 - Business Premium
- Office suite for PCs, tablets or smartphones
- 50 GB inbox for e-mails, calendar and contacts

– Office pakken til PC’er, tablets eller smartphones
– 50 GB inbox til e-mails, kalender og kontakter
AVG AntiVirus
Keepit Backup of local PCs, servers and mobile devices
PC Support - first aid at hand weekdays between 10 and 15 by telephone and mail
Discount on consultancy hours 5%

Price per month. 595, - kr.

All prices are excl. creation of 995, - kr and VAT
Opportunity to buy extensions to the various products and the acquisition accounting of several documents. "

Should we do all the tedious?

XL Finans - Accountancy Program

XL Finans is an online accounting software that allows you to create and send purchase order, invoice, packing list and offers. You also have the option for storage / creditor / debtor management and access to various financial reports about your accounts, such as receivables, outstanding balance and what you owe or are due to return in VAT.

  Your Annexes will be registered within one business day and stored online, so you always have access to them and can easily search for and find documents, is if you need them.

Office 365 business premium

Office 365 Business Premium gives you a fully installed Office experience across PC, tablet, and mobile phones. In addition to access to the latest Office 2016 applications will bla. Also mail, calendar, storage and sharing of data, Office online, online meeting function and future update of the programs and apps. With Office 365 Business Premium you get an Office solution that is always updated and can be used whether you are in the office, at home or on the go.

Keepit backup

With Keepit you will use cloud backup and online file sharing, which can be used across all devices, for example. Computer and mobile. Wherever you are at home, in the office or on the go, so you have access to your data. The automatic synchronization ensures that you always have the access to the latest version of your data.

Keepit ensures you if you lose your computer or it breaks, because you always have access to backup your data. The solution ensures that your data is secure whether they are in the cloud or on a physical device, as there will always be a copy of them stored in a safe place.

AVG Antivirus

With AVG Antivirus are you sure that your IT security is top notch, so you can spend time in your company. You get better protection against viruses, spam and malware, thanks to the cloud-based Real-Time Outbreak Detection and Proactive AI Protection. At the same time helps AVG to check the security of the websites you visit. Thereby you can be warned if there is something suspicious at a website and you can take your precautions.

PC Support

With the agreement is IT support on weekdays between 9 and 15. Whether it comes to problems with computer, printer, network or IT failures, so you can help solve it. With the professional IT support can save a lot of money, as there will be a professional and reliable professional ready to help and advise you about your problem.

Dansk Bilagsservice

Dansk Bilagsservice ensures that your records will be posted within one business day. Our quality conscious accountant ensures that your records are always accurately accounted for and that your accounts are updated. We ensure that you receive the financial reports that you want and to have control over inventory management and creditor / debtor.

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